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Currently Reading

Right now I’m finishing stick and rudder.

I just finished the art of dancing in the rain, A book about ‘you manifest that which is before you’ from the perspective of the dog enzo and his master’s life.

Before that Command and control. A book about the near catastrophic state of the US nuclear weapons arsenal. 1,000’s of accidents and a handful of near critical detonations. Reminded me to finish my human error study. the main take away would be the fail/safe and always/never. The always/never mean that the weapon will always work, and never unintentionally which is not possible so the USAF decided to concentrate more towards the always side, risking crews lives and then the safety stopping a nuke from detonating would be worst case. also the bomber gap was fictitious we were always ahead (after sputnik scared the shit out of everyone.)

The engines of God was before that. A book about a space archaeology. the takeaway for me is… one an interesting book can have a weak ending… and two not sure but i did like the idea of finding relics of ancient civilizations.